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Learn more about how to pay attention in the present moment to nourish ourselves and enhancing our wellbeing and performance.

So what do we mean by 'sustainable wellbeing?

As I sat down in Chapel Arts Cafe, Bath today to eat a beautiful vegan meal I reflected on how more and more people seemed to be making changes at the start of a year  to give up alcohol for a month or change their eating pa...

What do we mean by a team?  A  team is different from a group, which can be defined as people getting together as they have similar interests, a team is about sharing an objective and requires pulling together to achieve it.  Your 'team' may come in many...

The objective of my time management masterclasses is to help you to  make changes to how you manage your time to get the balance right for you.  We cover how to improve prioritising and balance in your life, how to develop new strategies to make the optimum u...

#flowtheory #timemanagement #positivepsychology

So how are your workshop skills?

It is useful to have a think about what style you use when: networking, selling your product, parenting your children giving a talk or presentation, marketing, team building

Do you walk away thinking 'why was I not more assertive there?'

Life coaching aims to make us more personally effective in everyday life.  So what is a cognitive behavioural approach to coaching?

It comes from the premise that the way you think about situations in your life influences what you feel and in turn what you do.  Take th...

Think back to a time when you were feeling stressed and overwhelmed as a parent, whether with a toddler having a full blown tantrum in Aldi or a teenager rolling their eyes and saying 'whatever!'.  The ingredients for skilled parenting are the same no matter what the a...

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The art of mentoring

30 Nov 2019

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November 30, 2019

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