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Whatever it is feedback can make us want to jump up and down with happiness or it can make us turn away from the person who has given it and feel downright rotten! Much of this is how it is given and the intent behind it. We don't learn this stuff in school unless...

So how do we make a positive impression on others?

When I started my business I was super keen, really fired up!  I don't mean that I am not super keen now and my fire is still burning, but it is more like a hot coals kind of slow burn than the pure excitement and almos...

Time management, stress management, leadership

Nurturing yourself wellbeing tips

‘The essence of time management is knowing what your values and goals are in life and making the optimum use of your time to achieve these ends’   - Neenan & Dryden 2002.

We can learn to project confidence even when we are not feeling it.  However what we call 'true confidence'  means you draw on your strengths at the same time as recognising  your more vulnerable areas and it becomes a more realistic form of confidence.  This...

Do we make the most of our relationships?

It's important to have a good look at what is going on in your life, how you are achieving your vision and ensuring that you use your time wisely.  Nowadays with lives getting more hectic often this is even more relevant than ever before.


I offer two hours in a be...

 Wishing you could handle those tricky situations with people a bit smoother sometimes?  Feel like assertive skills could be of benefit to you in your personal and working life?  Try my assertiveness - getting the balance right workshop at the beautiful Yanley Court on...

'Mariposa' Spanish for butterfly.

Even though we often resist change and risk, it is often inevitable and it will occur regardless of whether we are active participants and go with the flow. In our lifetime each of us goes through many stages of development, a process...

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The art of mentoring

30 Nov 2019

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November 30, 2019

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