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We don't have to be ruled by our emotions - build on your understanding of how being more emotionally intelligent can help you in your day to day life.

People often come for coaching with me when they feel that things are out of balance, and wish to have more clarity.

When was the last time you felt heard? Active listening is key to successful communication.

Whatever it is feedback can make us want to jump up and down with happiness or it can make us turn away from the person who has given it and feel downright rotten! Much of this is how it is given and the intent behind it. We don't learn this stuff in school unless...

Cognitive behavioural coaching can help you as an individual or your team to achieve personal or business goals, increase performance and wellbeing.

Coachees have been looking at how to face up to feelings, recognising which ones are tricky, and then increasing confidence in how to be more emotionally aware and skilled in managing them.  This in turn provides an increase in personal power and ability to achieve wha...

Time management, stress management, leadership

It is useful to have a think about what style you use when: networking, selling your product, parenting your children giving a talk or presentation, marketing, team building

Small perks in the area of wellbeing may seem insignificant to an employer but they have big impact. They say we care about you, we are interested in helping you to better manage your life and your wellbeing. This means an employee will feel valued and it is more likel...

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Re-inventing the menopause

21 Dec 2019

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November 30, 2019

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