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So what is cognitive behavioural coaching?

Life coaching aims to make us more personally effective in everyday life. So what is a cognitive behavioural approach to coaching?

It comes from the premise that the way you think about situations in your life influences what you feel and in turn what you do. Take the quote from Epictetus first century philosopher ‘people are not disturbed by things, but by the views which they take of them’.

This is good news. This means we can work on changing our thinking to change how we feel and respond to a situation. In CBC we encourage the client to be aware of irrational thinking and beliefs and challenge them for a more realistic view point. We can also challenge perfectionist beliefs, change thinking by using positive self talk, increase self-efficacy (beliefs in our capability) and modify thinking to build on strengths. CBC can be used to reduce the gap between desired and actual performance, we can reduce irrational thinking and performance anxiety.

CBC in short is effectively about helping us to have more positive realistic thinking. Some of the tools that I use include helping the coachee to recognise and change performance interfering thoughts to performance enhancing thoughts, challenge thinking errors such as 'I should', 'I must' and 'I ought' and use of socratic questions to challenge logic, usefulness and effectiveness of unhelpful thinking. CBC is also about helping clients to find and build on their strengths.

CBC is evidence based and goal orientated.

Outcomes include:

-increased performance, resilience and resourcefulness,

-better sense of personal direction, work life balance and wellbeing

-improved interpersonal and family relationships

-reduced stress improved confidence and increased self efficacy.

If you are interested in finding out more contact

Sarah Clark at Mariposa Coaching - www.mariposacoaching.co.uk.

Click on my workshops page for information on assertiveness, relationships, parenting, stress management, time management, influencing skills and confidence and performance workshops. I also run events/coaching for business and couples coaching.

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