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Overcome procrastination & make the most of your time

The objective of my time management masterclasses is to help you to make changes to how you manage your time to get the balance right for you. We cover how to improve prioritising and balance in your life, how to develop new strategies to make the optimum use of time and to identify and resolve emotional blocks to time management.

Why come to a group session to increase your time management skills? One of the reasons for working as a group is so that people can bounce ideas off each other. In my masterclasses there are some really interesting discussions on identifying values and goals important to each individual and crucial to a healthy and focused balanced life. Areas that often come up are the importance of having time for creativity in one's life, how to be motivated and more productive, how to increase healthy living and banish feelings of guilt when putting oneself first.

If you find you tend to procrastinate and wish to know more about why you do it and how to reduce it to get on with tasks in hand then this is for you. We look at the thinking behind putting off tasks which can mean at the eleventh hour stress levels can rocket. We also cover perfectionism and unhelpful self talk that gets in the way of getting on with tasks. There is a difference between adaptive perfectionism - wanting to be the best we can at a task which is within our skillset and maladaptive perfectionism where the striving is not healthy as we can never achieve it and set our sights too high. We then can become miserable and do everything we can rather than the task.

We learn about the Pareto Principle too which came about after Pareto developed the principle by observing that about 20% of the peapods in his garden contained 80% of the peas. He took the understanding of how his peas in his garden produced and devised the '80/20 rule'. This was taken up in business management and in my masterclass we develop skills in applying this to your

situation as a really helpful tool to banish those time wasters and be more focused.

Flow Theory is also introduced to consider optimum balance between challenge and skills to get in that all productive state.

Participants devise changes that they wish to take forward to set new goals to be more effective with how they manage their time such as working out the best time for 'flow' when motivation and productivity are at the highest to 'get things done '. Feedback from the last few times has included how useful it is to learn about the 80/20 rule and the psychology behind effective self management for time management. There is evidence to suggest that time management is only effective when there is an emotional component included as part of the learning.

Feedback has included:

'A wonderful day full of strategies, knowledge and lovely people. Great atmosphere, well structured, beautiful environment & lots to implement Very excited to put ideas into practice. Highly recommended. Thank you , Sarah' Sarah Cook, SHC Social Media.

'The wheel at the start was really helpful - recognising the importance of my life tasks. I feel that Sarah was really professional and clear in her approach, using valuable exercises to get us thinking about ourselves. Fantastic workshop thank you' Sarah Kelloway, Rooted Earth Therapies.

'Enjoyed it and found it helpful to have strategies to overcome procrastination' Maria Jordan, Bristol

'It was an excellent introduction to time management - all important for business owners and everyone in general - I suppose... She wrote on my registration: The whole session will be set in a very tranquil setting and we will start with tea and coffee but we will work hard! And it was indeed: the health centre provided the calm and relaxing atmosphere, and yes, we did work hard, but it was enjoyable. Sarah knows her trade, the workshop was well structured, and I found fascinating how much stuff we managed to squeeze in into couple of hours. We covered all the basics regarding areas of importance in one's life, prioritisation, setting the priorities. Also looked at barriers to performance, and explored procrastination and what underpins this. At the end we set goals for the future, and Sarah surprised me with an original idea which I have not came across before... To find out what it was, I highly recommend everyone to attend this reasonably priced course, and all the others she organises." Tibor Bicsak Bristol

The next masterclass is listed up on eventbrite - and my website. It includes a 30 min free follow up consultation. Pop me an email to sarah.mariposacoaching@gmail.com if interested in a place or book your place online.

Looking forward to working with you to increase your productivity levels!

If you fancy a coaching session or a workshop of mine using cognitive behavioural approaches to kick start your self awareness pop me an email on sarah.mariposacoaching@gmail.com. I offer 1;1 coaching sessions, workshops and in house training which includes strategies to improve your performance, leadership style and wellbeing. I offer a free 30 mins phone consultation so don't hesitate to give me a call on 07811 740580.


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