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Parenting skills workshop reflections

Updated: Mar 31

The objectives for today's enhancing parenting skills workshop were:

-To explore the principle ingredients of effective parenting skills;

-To affirm what you bring to the relationship and consider goals;

-To consider some strategies for managing conflicts.

We started the workshop by identifying goals and putting these into a 'hat' which included having a more positive and harmonious family life. We discussed how we don't often reflect on things when they are going well as parents, but we are quick to pick up on the difficulties. The workshop included a focus on strengths and skills we bring to the parenting relationship.

We looked at attachment theory. It was interesting to look at how beliefs around parenting can be different according to our experiences which also impacts on our co-parenting skills. We explored what parenting means, the skills we need and how considering parenting as a skill also means we can be compassionate to ourselves when we make mistakes. If we view parenting as a skill we can learn to do it more skillfully, with greater confidence, less stress and better results. We also covered how to break the 'chain of conflict' that can arise between family members and how perception of a given situation and reacting differently can play a major part.

At the end of the workshop we pulled out of the 'hat' the areas in which we wished to improve our skills. A major part of the changes to take away from today's work included eliciting more help with the parenting role as there was a tendency in the room to take too much on board and neglect quality 'me time'.

Feedback from the workshop included: 'thinking of why I do things and why others react has been helpful and things I do are common for others too'. Actions to take forward included: 'to think before I react, to see if I can break the chain of conflict', 'not to do so much' and 'talk more to my partner.

Please contact Sarah Clark on sarah.mariposacoaching@gmail.com if you would like to find out more.

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