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Think back to a time when you were feeling stressed and overwhelmed as a parent, whether with a toddler having a full blown tantrum in Aldi or a teenager rolling their eyes and saying 'whatever!'. The ingredients for skilled parenting are the same no matter what the age...we can all do with a bit of positive reinforcement, support and confidence when it comes to the most trickiest and rewarding of jobs!

Mariposa Coaching runs an 'Enhancing your parenting skills' workshop which provides you with a toolkit to enhance parent/child relationships using a strengths based approach. We look at how you can benefit from strategies to manage boundaries and resolve conflicts that arise and improve the balance between your own needs and that of the family.

In my enhancing your parenting skills workshop we look at the ingredients of effective parenting. In recent sessions participants added to the mix:

a sprinkling of love, spoonful of patience and a heap of kindness.

In recent workshops participants worked hard for two hours looking at how we can increase our confidence in our parenting skills, lower the stress and consider how to avoid judging ourselves too harshly when we make mistakes. Keep open to learning.

Changes that participants wanted to take forward from the last workshop included:

- avoiding negative parenting patterns

- have more effective time management

- more time together as a family

- using reasoning skills to consider..what are they thinking? (the child/young person)

- having firm but fair boundaries

- getting the balance right with organisation without immense forward planning

- having more of a routine in place

- checking in with how the work life balance is feeling for all.

What are the ingredients you need? Would you like to enhance your parenting skills?

I will be putting on more parenting skills sessions so please get in touch if you would like to do this workshop on a different date. I offer an affordable workshop in a half day session which is tailored to your needs using person centred coaching psychology approaches. I am currently offering a free place if you bring 5 friends and a free 30 mins follow up coaching session - for a limited time. I also can offer this at a corporate rate at your place of work.

If interested pop over to www.mariposacoaching.co.uk/workshops or eventbrite or give me a call on 07811 740580.

Thanks for reading!

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