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Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish and represents  transformative change that we are all capable of, with the right guidance, skills and support. 

I  empower coachees to enhance performance, interpersonal skills and resilience.  


How my coaching works


Over a series of sessions I help you to:


  • assess where you are currently

  • design the outcome you would like to see

  • apply evidence based skills and strategies

  • and evaluate what works. 

I provide a toolkit of skills to enhance your business and personal life. I help you to self manage and make changes for a healthy, positive mindset. My coaching helps you to increase self acceptance, self motivation, and focus to achieve your goals.  I assist you to increase interpersonal skills to communicate effectively and influence others positively, enhance your performance and be more productive.


Coaching adopts the principle that we are responsible for our wellbeing and we can change our situations. I enable you to improve performance whilst maintaining wellbeing.


I can help you to work on a positive action plan to achieve the results you want on a personal level and for your business needs.


To start the process I provide a free 20 minute initial consultation.


parenting skills

conflict resolution


life coaching

work life balance

managing change

planning for the future



substance use

managing emotions

stress management

self- esteem

gender identity

positive thinking


personal performance

problem solving

communication​ skills

influencing skills


leadership style


team building

working with others


Coaching Packages

Mariposa coaching staff discussion

1-hour corporate coaching session for businesses (face to face or zoom)

from £120

Team coaching & group workshop rates on request see training page

Mariposa coaching session

1-hour personal coaching session

for private individuals (face to face or zoom)

 £60 per hour  or £55 if invest in 6 in advance

call: 07811 740580



Located in the quiet rural village of Nailsea my private practice is only 7 miles, 20 mins drive, from the centre of Bristol.  It is easily accessible by bus or train. My address is 3 Sunnymede Road Nailsea BS482NF - is a helpful tool.


My coaching room has a calm, quiet, tranquil feel.  It is  comfortable, private and relaxing.

Photo of the coaching room at Mariposa Coaching

 Terms & conditions

Payment for an individual session is made at least 48 hours prior to the session (except where a booking is made as a matter of urgency).   Organisations are invoiced on a fortnightly basis or at the end of a given contract period. 


A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancelled coaching 1:1 and couples coaching appointments otherwise the full fee is payable.  A replacement session will be offered in these cases.  Coaching sessions are non-refundable, including block booked sessions.    A booking form is required at least 2 weeks before the date of training and once submitted the booking is binding. In the unlikely event that Mariposa Coaching is unable to provide the training once the booking has been finalised a full refund will be given. Non-payment of fees within 10 days may result in further action. 


I offer all prospective clients a phone discussion.  If we decide to work together we will arrange to meet, or zoom, or speak over the phone for sessions.  Number of sessions depends on your needs and you are free to terminate your coaching at any time. Coaching sessions will be time limited and we will still terminate at the usual time if you are late so as to not delay the next client.  I will be on time/ready for the call at the agreed time.

Mariposa Coaching is a Member of the Association for Coaching and adheres to their 


call: 07811 740580


Gift vouchers available

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We all have those cheshire cat moments:


'would you please tell me which way I ought to go from here?' 'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to' said the Cat. 'I don't much care where -' said Alice. 'Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat. '-so long as I get somewhere,' Alice added as an explanation.  (Lewis Carroll)


What would have happened if Alice had just a little more encouragement and help to work out where she wanted to get to?!!!!


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