My bespoke person-centred workshops provide you with a toolkit of skills and a range of strategies to implement within your personal and professional lives. I use a person centred approach within a beautiful setting as we achieve the most when we are at our most relaxed and feeling valued!

'A wonderful day full of strategies, knowledge and lovely people. Great atmosphere, well structured, beautiful environment and lots to implement.'

Making the most of your time
Stress management
Assertiveness skills
Motivational Mindset
Influencing skills
How to write & run a workshop
Confidence and performance
Harmonious relationships
Building effective relationships
Resilience to thrive
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  • Assertiveness 

  • Stress management 

  • Relationship skills

  • Influencing skills

  • Time management 

  • Parenting skills

  • Confidence & performance

  • Workshop skills

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Motivational mindset


Assertiveness skills 

- Enhance your ability to communicate effectively
- Develop ability to express yourself in a confident manner

- Improve the balance between responding to others needs while ensuring you meet your own

A workshop in assertiveness providing you with improved skills to project greater self-confidence, to be open and honest about what you want and apply proven strategies to help you to communicate effectively to get the balance right.

Assertiveness skills

The Coaching Room, 6 Orchard Close, Flax Bourton, Bristol

"Very comfortable setting, made to feel very welcome and able to contribute at any point. The workshop has made me feel a lot more confident in my right to be assertive.  You were a very informative and relatable presenter"


 Annabel, Options for Living, Bath

''Sarah was really warm and welcoming in what could have been a strained situation given that both myself and my husband were addressing the issue of assertiveness together in the same room. Simple, effective, practical solutions to what is an emotive subject.''

Rebecca Hartnell, Bristol

'I found most helpful talking out loud about things and finding out about different communication styles & steps to becoming assertive. "  

Siobhan,  McGill Sister Films, Bristol


Making the most of your time: getting the balance right

- Use your time to your best advantage

- Have a better focus on what is important     to you

- Get the balance right between your 'me       time' and other demands

This workshop is an introduction to managing your time, providing you with improved skills to be better organised, monitor your time, establish task priority and consider how the 80/20 rule can help you with your working and personal life. The workshop will help you to focus on what is important to you, to make your time more productive, proactive and increase your ability to be assertive with areas of value to you.

"I have recently attended Sarah's workshop 'Making the most of your time, getting the balance right'. It was an excellent introduction to time management - all important for business owners and everyone in general - I suppose... She wrote on my registration: The whole session will be set in a very tranquil setting and we will start with tea and coffee but we will work hard! And it was indeed: the health centre provided the calm and relaxing atmosphere, and yes, we did work hard, but it was enjoyable. Sarah knows her trade, the workshop was well structured, and I found fascinating how much stuff we managed to squeeze in into couple of hours. We covered all the basics regarding areas of importance in one's life, prioritisation, setting the priorities. Also looked at barriers to performance, and explored procrastination and what underpins this. At the end we set goals for the future, and Sarah surprised me with an original idea which I have not came across before... To find out what it was, I highly recommend everyone to attend this reasonably priced course, and all the others she organises."

Tibor Bicsak from Bristol

Making the most of your time in 2019!
The Coaching Room, 6 Orchard Close, Flax Bourton, Bristol

'A wonderful day full of strategies, knowledge and lovely people. Great atmosphere, well structured, beautiful environment and lots to implement. Very excited to put ideas into practice. Highly recommended. Thank you Sarah'

Sarah Cook,


Influencing Skills

- Enhance your ability to communicate    confidently and effectively

-  Build rapport and model the behaviour  you wish to see in others

- Learn techniques to influence others in a  positive way

Define what influencing means, devise influencing goals and enhance your feelings of personal power and confidence in business and working life.

'It was most helpful to talk about specific examples that I can apply to my business'


Lidia Drzewiecka from Visuable, Bristol

'The most useful part was being able to talk about situations to use these skills'

Sam Barber, Sam Barber Design Bristol

'From the minute I arrived at Sarah's Influencing Skills workshop she went the extra mile and was so accommodating...Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and really knows her stuff. The workshop was informative, engaging and full of actionable, practical tips. It felt like a really safe space and there were also some exercises which were great for bringing it all to life.  I would definitely recommend and will be looking to attend more workshops in the future. Thanks Sarah!' 

Stephanie Miller, WindmillWellbeing, Bristol

Influencing skills
The Coaching Room, 6 Orchard Close, Flax Bourton, Bristol

'I was feeling fed up and frustrated as I’d tried everything I knew to handle a tricky situation and just wasn’t getting anywhere. So, when I saw an advert for Sarah’s Influencing Skills workshop, I knew I had to be there.  I was a bit apprehensive, but Sarah’s warmth of personality soon allayed any fears and it felt a very safe space. She also created a great learning environment, with lots of tasty treats provided too.

All the material was clearly and professionally presented. As Sarah outlined various influencing styles, it was like the veils had lifted. I had a number of eureka moments where I could identify exactly why my approach wasn’t working, so I could view the issue with fresh eyes and try a new strategy. I was astounded that within 24 hours I’d got agreement and resolution on my situation.  In addition to the session, I also appreciated the handout materials and the 1-2-1 follow up call a month later to see how the learning had made a difference. I was happy to report a few amazing turnarounds both in professional and personal life.'

Bea Martin, Bards of Avalon


Stress management

- Get the balance right between being  motivated and feeling stressed 

- Improve your ability to perceive stressful  situations differently

- Learn techniques including mindfulness  to reduce stress in your life 

An introduction to stress management that will help you to understand the triggers for stress and how you can make changes in your life to be more productive and healthy. We will look at what stress is and learn skills to tackle it. You will learn more about your responses to stress and develop stress reducing strategies

"What was most useful was being able to talk openly, to look at triggers and put things into perspective"


Zoe, Bristol 

Reducing stress in your life

Organising next one for 2018 please get in touch


Creating Harmonious Relationships 

- Focus on what you bring to relationships

- Benefit from developing ability to manage  conflicts that arise

- Be more confident in your communication  style

This workshop will look at active listening, open and honest communication, getting heard, strengths that you bring to an intimate relationship and how to manage conflicts that arise in a positive way. 

'I feel confident in and out of work. My relationships have improved. I now can be positively assertive. I feel confident that whatever happens I will be alright and will cope.'


Lou from Bristol

Creating Harmonious Relationships 

 The Coaching Room, 6 Orchard Close, Flax Bourton, Bristol organising next date - please get in touch

The ingredients of harmonious relationships - a taster of what we cover on my workshop!  Click to play


Building effective relationships

-Explore how to make your relationships more effective in your professional life 

-Build on your conflict resolution and negotiation skills to overcome barriers

-Increase mutual trust and respect for enhanced commnication

This workshop will look at active listening, open and honest communication, getting heard, strengths that you bring to relationships and how to manage conflicts that arise in a positive way to have more effective professional relationships.

Building effective relationships

The Coaching Room, 6 Orchard Close, Flax Bourton, Bristol


Workshop skills: how to write & run an interactive dynamic workshop

Learn a toolkit of skills to enable you to:

-write a workshop  covering the vision,  structure, design, being inclusive &  grabbing attention 

-deliver the workshop - leading with style,  using group dynamics and creating  interest

30 mins follow up free coaching session via phone to provide support you writing/running your own workshop

'I found your workshop really useful. I now feel equipped with lots of tools and techniques to present my own material in an organised and interactive format.  Can't wait to start planning my events.  This is the second of Sarah's workshops I've attended. Once again she shared loads of useful tools and techniques backed up by research and her own extensive experience in a very personalised way. I'd highly recommend working with Sarah.'

Sam,  Sam Barber Design

'Great workshop, thanks! learnt lots'.

Amy Trevaskus, Hullo Creative

How to write & run an interactive dynamic workshop

The Coaching Room,  6 Orchard Close, Flax Bourton, Bristol


'I found most useful sharing experience, talking through ideas and structure of workshops'. Very interactive and fun learning'


Sarah Hughes Solutions, Bristol


'Talking about the different skills and ways to present was most useful' Fanny Snaith,


Financial Freedom Fighter, Cheltenham


Enhancing confidence & performance 

Do you want to increase confidence levels for optimum performance?

Would you like to enhance resilience and resourcefulness?

Could you benefit from learning evidence based tips to master confidence?

An introduction to enhancing confidence levels and achieving greater performance in personal and working life. 

You will learn effective techniques to be your own self coach to work to your strengths and increase self efficacy

'I feel confident in and out of work. My relationships have improved. I now can be positively assertive. I feel confident that whatever happens I will be alright and will cope.'


Lou from Bristol

Confidence & performance

The Coaching Room,  6 Orchard Close, Flax  Bourton, Bristol

Enhancing your parenting skills

- Enhance parent/child relationships using     a strengths based approach

- Benefit from strategies to manage    boundaries and resolve conflicts that arise


- Improve the balance between your own    needs and those of the family

This workshop will provide an introduction to enhancing your skills as a parent.  We will use a strengths based approach to consider how to enhance the parent child relationship, how to manage conflict effectively and maintain your wellbeing as a parent. Like everything we do in life parenting is a skill, and we can do it with more confidence and less stress.

"I found the most useful part was avoiding negative patterns of parenting'


Mark, Clevedon

Enhancing your parenting skills

The Coaching Room 6 Orchard Close, Flax Bourton, Bristol

20.5.20 10am - 12.30pm



Motivational Mindset

- Define what having a motivational mindset means  

- Explore the psychology behind optimum performance


-Learn how to keep motivated 


Everyone says at some stage 'I wish I was more motivated!'. Well here is your opportunity to find that motivation. If you would like to increase your motivation and have a mindset that has you achieving your goals then this is the masterclass for you.


Discover when you are at your most motivated, consider challenges such as procrastination that get in the way and devise new strategies that will work for you. 

Motivational Mindset

The Coaching Room 6 Orchard Close, Flax Bourton, Bristol

Wed 27 Nov 2019 1pm - 3.30pm


Resilience to thrive

- Identify the balance between wellbeing and optimum performance   

- Define practical strategies to reduce stress and promote a shared wellbeing agenda


- Develop personal resilience plans



Discover what resilience means for you/ your teams and devise new strategies  to be resourceful, face up to challenges and have a resilient mindset.  

Resilience to thrive

The Coaching Room 6 Orchard Close, Flax Bourton, Bristol

Wed 24 June 2020 10.00-12.30pm

To request places on courses please click on the book now buttons or email me. If there is a workshop or talk not listed  that you would like please chat to me and I can run additional ones. 


Training and workshops can be tailored to individual needs.


Business requirements on request.

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