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So you have something new you want to put in place and you want to feel motivated to achieve it.  It could be a goal for your business or something more personal, perhaps to go to the gym three times a week or to help your kids keep on top of their homework, to go for...

Once you have learnt new concepts and practiced them and chosen what works for you then you can never unlearn it.

We don't have to be ruled by our emotions - build on your understanding of how being more emotionally intelligent can help you in your day to day life.

People often come for coaching with me when they feel that things are out of balance, and wish to have more clarity.

It can feel that cracks can apear in our working lives

When was the last time you felt heard? Active listening is key to successful communication.

Learn more about how to pay attention in the present moment to nourish ourselves and enhancing our wellbeing and performance.

I was asked to write this article as it is becoming more popular to alter our image in a variety of ways in order to have the best life we can by using wigs.

In this blog I uncover 5 tips drawn from evidence based psychology approaches to self assertiveness and identity to get you back to where you want to be despite life's pitfalls.

We need to make changes if we want different results in life

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Getting motivated, staying motivated!

18 Sep 2019

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