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Power up for productivity

In a recent coaching session I was trying to think of a metaphor to conjure up the idea that by tuning into our bodies, mindset and energy levels we can recognise and harness the energy when we are at our most productive.

I recognise in my coachees, especially those coming for support for coaching for ADHD, that the concept of time and the traditional way of planning to get stuff done is not the same for everyone. Person centred coaching means that it is all about you doing you and finding strategies to power ourselves up that tune into our natural rhythms.

Deadlines can be helpful and knowing that we have a goal we are trying to reach can be motivating. If, however, you recognise a negative attitude is kicking in with thoughts such as: 'I can't be bothered; just can't face it; what is the point? I always procrastinate; I can't do it'...etc... then it is time to visualise a creative way forward.

I am going to use the metaphor of being charged or powered up.

Are you functioning on full power?

Are you functioning like you have totally powered up? To the highest bar, the strong green light is flashing? Imagine yourself connected to a USB charging port and you are on full charge. What does this look like for you?

You might recognise that you are in what is known as a 'flow state'. This links to flow theory. The Hungarian psychologist Csikszentmihalyi explored how people would put aside basic needs forgetting everything else when in their 'flow state'. He researched SEOs, artists, ice skaters and a whole range of different people in differing roles. He wanted to explore the concept of people becoming so emmersed in their activity that they would disregard their need for food, water and even sleep.

This theory was used in developing the humanistic side of psychology by Maslow and Carl Rogers.

When can you recognise that you have been in this state?

Have a think of all the factors that have contributed to the flow.

Location? Mindset? Day of the week? Time of the day? Commitment to others? Linking to your values? Aligning with your motivational drivers?

Whatever the factors are that have had contributed give them some reflection time. This is the key to get more of this in the future!

Surf that power surge!

Think of your energy like surges that come and go in an electrical current.

Something changes and you feel that energy pull you into a getting things done kind

of state. It is such a good feeling.

Mine recently was decorations for a festive season after having a trigger of the good news that my young people had booked their trains... the tree went up so too did the fairy lights and the hunt for the glittery deer, the baubles..I had forgotten that prior to this 'power surge' that the kettle was on and I was headed for the settee.

There was a strong undeniable surge to DO... grab that surge, surf it, use it...get your stuff done on this surge believe me you will feel good afterwards. This is your super hero/ine power. Of course the coach in me will say make a note of the strategy that is working with your power surges as we want to examine patterns!

Know how you powered up

This leads me to the knowledge part. If you can identify times when you have your system fully charged then it is also helpful to have a think about how you reached your full capacity.

So lets examine power up mindset to engage our personal power.

This looks different for different people.

If we look at our rhythms like rhythms in nature, then there will be times when we are more productive than others and depending on what is going on for us - hormonal cycles, the seasons, helpful anger, our moods, external factors, good times with others, a barbers trim, a spa day, a health condition - things can look very different.

What are some of the factors you put in place that made your system go up to 11? (#SpinalTap)

Know when it's time to power off

This is so important. We maybe more aware of our powering up however also have a think about the times when your energy is low. Your battery pack is flagging, your light bulb has blown..

What is the nature of your business at that time? Is it to do with the lateness of the hour or the earliness of the hour?

Is it to do with what you have been doing previously? There will be a whole range of different factors.

Think of these as your lowest low battery mode.

Tune into the moment that you are starting to have less power and use these times to be compassionate to yourself and also communicate this to other people.

'Hi, I'm in low battery mode, but I will get back to you when I have fully charged.'

At these times you are saving yourself from potential burn out so throw any rules you have been giving yourself and accept that it's a low power time which won't be forever. At times like these it'd good to give yourself a chance to recharge.

Keep it sustainable

It's important to know that your power source is something that is sustainable. We all know how helpful coffee can be and sugar, but what is your power source that gives you the slow renewable energy?

If the gym helps you to power up you may want to adapt the routine as needed. Is it better to walk, yoga, swim, sauna rather than hit the weights some days to enable you to produce more energy for later on.

Find a power up mate

Who supports you with your energy pack? If you have an energy boosting mate..they are worth their weight in gold.

Keep your energy boosting to a minimum

Sometimes we might recognise we are flagging but still need to get things done. So boost your energy - I mainline coffee and sugar when I am running training - but it'll only be a short period of time.

This could be getting your degree finished, revising for an exam, travelling a long distance flight where you can't sleep, performing, getting married..etc.. adrenaline is up for these moments but then it can result in an adrenaline 'dump'. I certainly recognise this after a dance performance.

We have an increase of adrenaline in order to achieve something important but factor in the crash that can come by taking care of yourself on the following days.

Power health check

I can hear you thinking, what if I'm in low battery all the time I can make my excuses to myself by procrastinating and saying to others ' I need to charge'.

Also what happens if I can't charge as I have not been managing myself?

The idea of the metaphor in this blog is to recognise that there are going to be low energy times and higher energy times.

So make the most of those higher times when you feel that power surge of energy, be compassionate to yourself for those lower energy times and challenge any excuses that you might be making to yourself!

I hope that this article has been helpful.

Keep tuning into those power surges and making the most of that energy, realise when you need to rest and communicate with others and if you need any help with this do get in touch.

I offer a 20 minute free chat and a variety of coaching/training options to suit individual needs.


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