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7 Tips to nurture yourself

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

If you want to really feel like you are thriving rather than merely surviving then here are some effective tips to help you to nurture yourself. If we look after ourselves then we are the best for others too!

1 Know your values

Spend time thinking what is important to you in life, how much is time spent on the most important priorites? Follow your passion! there is a difference between being contented before, during and after your day versus feeling that everything is a chore.

2 Set your boundaries

Be assertive with yourself and self manage your time effectively. Limit the time you spend working, switch off that phone, have internet free time. Make sure you have a rest period to recharge your batteries rather than feeling like a duracell bunny. Schedule a regular time each week to read a book, do nothing, an activity you enjoy, just time where you can just be yourself.

3 Have some time outside

Enjoy quiet reflection and mindfulness in the fresh air. This does not have to be for long periods in the day but grab at least 20 mins outside once a day. There is a great deal of research suggesting that your mental health is improved by exposure to the outdoors.

4 Move it!

You don't have to have to hit the gym and pump iron..although if thats your 'thing' that is great! Keeping yourself active can mean parking further away from your place of work, it could mean taking the stairs rather than the lift or doing some simple yoga stretches in the morning.

5 Swap your self defeating inner script for a more positive one

If you have negative voices around you, take yourself away from them, sometimes we all need to let off steam but don’t surround yourself with others who will bring you down. Have realistic expectations of yourself, manage assumptions, and work to the idea of being ‘good enough’.

6 Live in the present not the future

Anxiety about the future is main cause of stress, look after yourself by focusing on the 'true and real' not areas you can’t determine or influence. Try not to sweat the small stuff!

7 Talk things through

It is amazing how many people don't ask for help but keep things to themselves, have a go at expressing how you feel to someone you trust and ask for support when you need it. We can all get into routines where we think we have to do it all. It can be something small like asking someone to drop the kids at band practice, do the weekly shop, delegating at work or help you work out mailchimp!

If you wish any help in this area you can contact me on or go to my website to book a session/workshop or find out more information. I give a 20 mins free initial phone consulation.

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