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Bristol & Bath Wellbeing Group on Linkedin: the why, what & how!

Thanks to all who have joined the Bristol and Bath Wellbeing Group on Linkedin. We are now 100 members! I thought I should let you know a bit about the background with a view to you getting involved for the future!

The why - inspiration!

Bristol Health Hub contacted me two years ago awhile back to take part in Bristol's Healthy City Week. Bristol's Healthy City Week was an initiative to inspire citizens of Bristol to achieve healthier lifestyles as part of a more sustainable future city. There were over 100 talks, workshops, exhibitions over 9 days in October this year to explore links between health and sustainability. Promoting current sustainability and healthcare initiatives and projects that are designed to help us stay well, get well and live well, Healthy City Week's dynamic programme aimed to raise awareness of the many links between our personal health and the health of the environment. The Bristol Green Partnership CIC, Love the Future CIC formed in collaboration with BGCP Health and Wellbeing Group, Uni of Bristol and University Hospital Bristol. I had never seen anything like the energy put into this on a shoe string budget and the enthusiasm and the discussions were out of this world. I come from London way and I do miss the city but this made me realise what a wonderful area I live in now!

Mariposa Coaching was proud to be a part of Healthy City Week, as a Bristol Coach, and give a free talk on sustainable wellbeing and also have the opportunity to talk about work life balance on health hub radio with Kristian Karl Townsend from Bristol Health Hub and Jemima House from Positive Living & Sunshine Yoga (podcast 13/ What came out of this personally for me was a chance to meet a whole range of people and networks that shared a vision for a healthier city and it was a wonderful experience.

From this I thought it maybe beneficial to put together a group on linkedin where people can share their upcoming events in the Bristol and Bath area as practitioners and those wishing to increase their wellbeing to access it and just a general sharing of ideas and information on this subject. It is a totally new idea and it will depend on how people wish to use it. Essentially it is your group and I am hoping that people will wish to put into it what they hope to get out which is a wealth of experience/ideas and opportunities to keep working towards the idea of a healthier community/healthier personal and professional lifestyle.

It could be it is a way for all to network and share offers. It could be a way for people to access support to fight off those winter blues. Ideas welcome, flexibility encouraged! If you are interested in this area don't feel you have to live in Bristol or Bath to contribute, we are all moving more internationally now anyway. I am also looking for other groups to join and for members to come up with suggestions.

The What

A group for anybody who is interested in the world of personal/workplace wellbeing in the Bristol & Bath area. This group is for everyone - practitioners promoting wellbeing and those seeking to enhance their wellbeing. Please join our group. This initiative seeks to raise awareness of ways to achieve healthier lifestyles and seeks to inspire people of Bristol and Bath to achieve greater wellbeing. This group provides valuable networking opportunities and a chance to share ideas and events and enable access to a wide variety of services.

The How?

Over to you! I am also looking for other groups to join and for members to come up with suggestions. Let's make it a great experience for all.


Sarah, Mariposa Coaching

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