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Time Management '...making the optimum use of your time to achieve these ends’ Neenan & Dryd

Neenan & Dryden (2002) define time management as knowing what your goals/values are and then making optimum use of time aligned to these. Effective time management means most of your time is directed towards achieving your goals. Also there is evidence that unless there is a component that addresses emotional blocks to time management the learning will be less successful. My latest workshops address both of these including procrastination and the thinking and beliefs that underpin this .

Do you use your time to your best advantage?

Would you like a better focus on what is important to you?

Is the balance right between your 'me time' and other demands?

What can you expect if time management is working:

  • Productivity & motivation

  • Greater sense of control

  • Proactive rather than reactive

  • Improved timekeeping

  • Setting & achieving goals

  • Tackling procrastination & perfectionism

  • Having more time for you & your goals

  • Delegating tasks

  • Being more assertive

  • More decisive

  • Increased energy

You will learn effective techniques to improve self management and create space in your hectic schedule! Expect to work hard & develop a set of tools, actions to take forward and more knowledge about how to challenge those pesky thoughts that get in the way of being proactive and peforming to your optimum. My workshops will include input from my recent course at the Centre for Coaching, London with a CBT focus and insights from positive psychology.

This is a 2 hour Mariposa Coaching workshop providing you with improved skills to be better organised, monitor your time, establish task priority and learn the Pareto principle to help your working and personal life.

Small focused workshops with coffee & croissants in stunning settings: Yanley Court, Long Ashton, The Family Practice, Glos Road Bristol, The Natural Health Clinic, Bristol Health Hub and The Practice Rooms, Bath.

Contact me on 07811 740580 or to find out more!

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