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Thanks to Picnic Coffee, Bath last night for hosting mariposa coaching sustainable wellbeing interac

Hazel, Bonnie (Picnic Coffee baristas) and myself pose for a photo by the picnic coffee sign at the end of the evening's sustainable wellbeing talk. Thank you to the 8 adults and 2 children who took part, everyone put in a great deal of energy to reflect on all the important aspects of wellbeing and considering future directions! It was inspiriational especially as the children were confident enough to join in and offer to the group the areas in their life that were important to them in a way that was fresh and insightful.

Picnic coffee is a particularly relaxing and friendly place to hold a talk and the coffee and ale totally added to the atmosphere! I know that Hazel has put a great deal of work into publicising the night so thanks again. Further workshops are coming up on my website's training page.

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