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Pleased to have achieved my Certificate in Stress Management & Performance Coaching from the Cen

This was a totally brilliant experience...learnt so much in the application of cognitive behavioural and solution focused approaches, amongst other psychological coaching frameworks, to the whole coaching process. This course focused on stress management, performance coaching and problem focused counselling, coaching and training.

I have 15 years experience of coaching and with my recent certification I offer a range of approaches that can benefit individuals and businesses...more information on my website. Contact me on or 07811 740580 for an initial discussion on how my coaching can be of benefit to you/your business whether on a 1:1 basis or highly effective group coaching.

Workshops in time management, stress management, assertiveness, and soon to come healthy relationships and group/team dynamics, are available too.

Thanks again to the Centre for Coaching, London, would highly recommend especially the quality of the training, the support and the fact they are approved by The British Psychological Society and the International Society for Coaching Psychology.

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