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Beautiful workshop today: 'Assertiveness, getting the balance right' at Yanley Court ~ Marip

Beautiful workshop session today in Mariposa Coaching's 'Assertiveness: getting the balance right' workshop at Yanley Court, Long Ashton. Thank you to the wonderful participants who were really enthusiastic. We had some fascinating discussions.

We did some productive work in considering how to enhance your ability to be assertive in a variety of settings. I wrote the workshop using cognitive behavioural approaches to include thinking/self belief, how to overcome barriers, such as tricky emotions, and to enhance communication skills and resilience. Feedback stated how the most useful parts of the workshop were recognising different communication styles, answering the questionnaire and discussions. Other comments included 'enjoyed the course again in a lovely setting'. Participants marked the session 4/4 on meeting expectations, structure, presentation and helpfulness of activities.

At one point I was told there was a horse behind me..this has never happened in a workshop before. Here is the view out of the window that the horse came up to!

If you fancy a workshop with Mariposa Coaching in either time management, assertiveness, reducing stress in your life, healthy relationships all of which I am running at present please get in touch. or I also deliver skype or in person 1;1 coaching. I can't however guarantee a horse everytime!

I can guarantee some tasty treats!

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