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4 ways that my coaching can benefit you

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Why take coaching with me? Here are 4 ways in which my coaching can benefit you, whether in business or personal life.

Cognitive behavioural coaching can help you as an individual or your team to achieve personal or business goals, increase performance and wellbeing. I also use other psychological approaches to inform my practice - more information on

1. Clearer ability to visualise and set goals and move towards making them happen! This could be improving time management, work life balance and aligning your goals with your values.

2. Improved communication and interpersonal skills, such as assertiveness, listening skills, relationship skills, influencing and building rapport. Increased confidence to express yourself and address/resolve conflict.

3. Increased self esteem and self belief which impacts on your ability to be more proactive and push yourself into doing new things and manage change.

4. Increased emotional management, the ability to manage stress, tricky emotions like anger and anxiety which in turn provides you with increased resilience and wellbeing.

I provide an initial 20 mins phone consultation and there is no obligation to take a number of sessions - it is what you need when you need it, person centred coaching is all about you. Workshops and training also available.

I run Mariposa Coaching as a Go Green business, value diversity and draw on almost two decades experience in coaching and training. Couples coaching and coaching for young people is also offered as well as 1:1 and group coaching. 07811 740580

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