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Reduce the stress in your life - mindfulness based cognitive therapy

Mindfulness meditation has it's roots in meditation with the main goal to attain freedom from suffering. The idea is that it is our inaccurate views of the world that can trigger our negative emotions. If we focus on moment by moment experience using openess and acceptance then our wellbeing is increased, we can let go of judgements, break the cycle of anxiety, stress and feelings of tiredness and unhappiness.

Reducing stress

Mindfulness - based cognitive therapy (MBCT) originated from Buddhist spiritual practices. MBCT is beneficial for general stress management. As in the words of Jon Kabat-Zinn 'mindfulness is a practice, it is a way of being, rather than merely a good idea or a clever technique or a passing fad. Indeed, it is thousands of years old and is often spoken of as 'the heart of buddhist meditation', although it's essence, being about attention and awareness, is universal'.


About 12 years ago I started using visualisation work with relapse prevention programmes I delivered for those moving away from problematic substance use. The approach I used was one that incorporated cognitive behavioural, solution focused, MI, stages of change, person centred, gestalt and self efficacy psychological models. This involved work on breathing, tuning into the breath especially helpful as a way to deal with cravings and a 'here and now' strategy to avoid lapses and manage negative emotions. Then 5 years ago I started working with mindfulness alongside these other approaches to assist clients to manage stress, anxiety and increase resilience to help with creating healthy relationships.

My coaching approach incorporates both a cognitive behavioural approach with mindfulness practice.

The Coaching Room Flax Bourton

Focusing on the breath is one mindfulness practice that can be really helpful and this forms part of my 'Nurture yourself: reduce the stress in your life' workshop and 1:1 coaching. It grounds us in the hear and now, we can only take one breath, it can only be for now as breathing is not time dependant after all! It is always accessible, no matter where you are you always have access to your breath. It does not depend on what we want or who we are - there is no judgement. It just is. It is life. It links to letting go of the need to control things that stress us out. It provides an anchor in this hectic world in which we live.

Mariposa Coaching

Contact Sarah Clark on or 07811 740580 if interested in booking a stress management workshop or mindfulness based cognitive behavioural coaching sessions. for more information and testimonials.

Have a stress free day!

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