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Interested in enhancing those assertiveness skills? Book a mariposa coaching workshop!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Join me in my next Mariposa Coaching Assertiveness Skills workshop!

The objectives of the workshop are:

To have an understanding of different communication styles and benefits of using assertiveness;

- To improve ability to project greater self confidence when dealing with difficult situations and overcome barriers;

- To develop new strategies to get the balance right between responding to others' needs and ensuring you meet your own.

We look at how to apply the 3 step model of assertiveness in working and personal life and consider how to express thoughts and feelings in terms of 'I feel' when communicating assertively. It is not always easy to get the balance right between self care and respect for others in getting needs met. We don't always use the communication style we set out to use, accepting other's opinions whilst asserting your own is not always easy. I help you to increase your skill in this area to have a more confident and effective communication style.

In my last workshop I was blown away to get 100% in meeting needs/expectations/ structure/helpfulness of the workshop. Here some of the feedback:

'The most useful parts were the discussions and examples and the Alice in Wonderland comparisons. Sarah is a fantastic coach and I wished the course went on for much longer! Thoroughly enjoyed the training and will take many new skills away with me' Jade W, Options for Living Bath.

'Very comfortable setting, made to feel very welcome and able to contribute at any point. The workshop has made me feel a lot more confident in my right to be assertive. You were a very informative and relatable presenter'. Annabel, Options for Living, Bath.

Thank you to all those who attended!

Please contact me for more information on or visit

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