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Wish to manage stress more effectively?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Pressure is good, it helps us to keep motivated, get things done but it is when it starts to tip into stress that we have to be careful to look to our wellbeing. So this means that it is the perception, the thoughts and beliefs that we have about the situation that causes the stress. This is good news as that means we can do something about it. The aim is to have a level of pressure or motivation that assists your performance but that you can manage stressors so your wellbeing is still at a good level. As a certified stress management and performance coach this an area in which I can really help people.

I have been delivering 'Nurture yourself, reduce the stress in your life' workshops in Bristol for a while now and also offer this as a 1:1.

The objectives for this workshop are:

•To be aware of the connection between performance and optimum levels of wellbeing

•To understand stress and to learn stress busting techniques to increase resilience

•To be able to use mindfulness as a practice in your daily life to break the stress cycle

We will be exploring what stress is, how it differs from pressure and how you can change your perception to change your stress response. We will consider situations that can be tricky to handle, the response that this can bring up on a personal level and then strategies to manage this. We will finish with some mindfulness practice so you leave feeling rejuvenated.

Feedback from the last workshop included how it had been helpful to 'talk and look at triggers' and in particular to 'be able to talk openly and put things into perspective'. Learning about the fight and flight response and how the body works in reaction to 'stressors' was helpful and mapping how stress impacts on the individual with behavioural changes that can be implemented to reduce stress. Also there was a light bulb moment in looking at the importance of enlightened self interest. The participants wanted to make a change to think more about their own needs as well as that of others. This links to reducing stress as you need to look after yourself to be the best you can be for yourself so you can be most effective with others. There were also changes linked to being more assertive. If you feel confident in communicating your thoughts, feelings, needs to others then this in turn means you are less likely to tip into stress. It was a really interesting session and it was a total pleasure to run and I am looking forward to my next workshop.

Interested in this workshop? Pop over to my website : which has paypal links to book on the training page. Also available at a corporate rate to businesses.

I always love to hear from people so please email me on if I can be of help to you.

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