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How Healthy City Week 2016 delivered!

Healthy City Week - wellbeing that doesn't cost the earth - with over 150 free or low cost events was even bigger and better than last year. It was lovely to meet lots of new people and network, looking forward to keeping in touch. How was your experience? Mariposa Coaching was proud to take part here are some reflections on mine.

Go Green Happy & Healthy Breakfast at the Chesterfield Hospital was a chance to learn more about workplace wellbeing. Nuffield Health, hosted the event and put on a delicious display of breakfast and smoothies! The speakers Dr Gill Jenkins, Justin Jones, Lisa Wood and Nicola Rich were really inspirational. I learnt more about how nine to thrive ( encourage businesses to showcase their wellbeing agenda or create one. Mariposa Coaching is pleased to be part of this via their website.

My business became a go green business with the support of Imogen from Go Green - find out how you can start your Go Green Action plan via their website. I am now entitled to use this logo! I can also help any other businesses if interested with tips that I am learning about the various ways we are going green - some we don't even think about like recycled desks, re-conditioned PCs, having a travel planner on our websites, detailing the local Sustrans cycle track etc. The Go Green team are really supportive and friendly.

Here are some images from Mariposa Coaching's Getting the Balance Right workshop which I ran on 21 Oct at Triodos Bank kindly taken by Vicki from Bristol Green Partnership.

We looked at how to balance the needs of self, family and workplace in a way that is sustainable over the long term towards fulfilment of personal and social goals. Participants found it helpful to take a broader view of what was going on in their lives. They devised goals to spend more time getting in touch with the areas of importance in their lives, contacting old friends, prioritising work life balance and spending more time with family away from work activities. Feedback included how the workshop had been: 'A chance to challenge our understanding of priorities in our life by assessing them and then knowing how we are reaching them'.

The pictures detail the closing experiment thanks to all who took part and for my volunteers at the end!

Please get in touch more information on my workshop page:

if you are interested in booking a workshop for your workplace.

I will be doing another sustainable wellbeing talk on 27 November 2016 at The Art of Wellbeing Backwell House 12-5pm with a stand where you can come and chat to me about your wellbeing. (

Gong sound therapy with Rainbow Vibrations at the BRI Heart Institute on the Friday with Monika was so beautiful - I sat very still before and after the gong was played and Monika checked my pulse and stress level before and after. I swear I nearly fell asleep! Check out the website to try it out, highly recommended.

A big thank you for the free social media training from Sean Buchan and Chris Bettles which set me up for Healthy City Week and all the advice from the team.

Thanks to Healthy City Week and all took part - looking forward to next year!!

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