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Working mums on the friendly World Health Heroes chat show

So we were ushered into the very beautiful 1805 Function Rooms in Bath to an upstairs room with lovely veggie food, good quality coffee and homemade ginger bread by the film crew. SpaRadical Productions have filmed clips of Mariposa Coaching's Assertiveness-getting the balance right workshop so I felt totally at home with Anastasia behind the camera.

We were welcomed by Owen with his customary hug from one health hero to another (all important for wellbeing) and it was great to see Lesley from Wild Country Woman who was also taking part.

As my first time on a chat show I was really nervous. We had a quick fun round of questions to warm up and then we were onto the main part of the show to find out about working mums and what works for us running busy businesses whilst having a family. My daughter, age 13, was keen (especially when there was gingerbread at stake) to take part and talk from her point of view as a daughter of a working mum and she did a fabulous job.

To find out more about some of the ideas discussed, learn more about Mariposa Coaching and Wild Country Woman Fitness as we take part in the friendly chat show with Owen, Director of World Health Heroes you will have to tune into the World Health Heroes channel -


- this particular episode will be screened at 9pm on Xmas day and you can view the youtube clip at your leisure.

Feel free to pop over to the channel to subscribe and have free access the World Health Heroes Wellbeing Channel at anytime.

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