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How do we increase our confidence to perform to our optimum?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

I'd like you to think about how confidence levels influence our day to day interactions. How can we enhance our confidence in order to enable ourselves to perform to our optimum potential? Often one of the biggest regrets looking back can be what we didn't do as lack of self belief and confidence in ourselves held us back. If you have a good level of self belief and self confidence you have faith in your ability and trust in yourself and the people you interact with will be more likely to trust in you and your abilities. We can learn to project confidence even when we are not feeling it. However sustainable belief in yourself comes from within when you are able to identify interference that gets in the way and have a strategy to overcome it.

We all experience negative self talk, and don't believe we can do things from time to time. Even though our friends can see our strengths, talents and potential we find it hard to see it ourself. We have times when we feel inadequate despite the proof of our achievements. Does this sound familiar? How do we overcome this? One method is to recognise our self limiting beliefs and then challenge them so their power over us diminishes. We can do this by identifying positive thinking linked to our strengths and achievements in order to cancel out the negative. We can work to our strengths and challenge these beliefs that impact on our wellbeing and our productivity.

Some of the negative beliefs are linked to 'phoneyism' which means even when we are achieving something we still don't see it - even when there is evidence to contrary!

Some of these beliefs link to perfectionism - which means we are setting the bar too high to realistically achieve what we set out to do! If we ask a friend for feedback they would probably give you much more positive feedback that you give yourself. Coaching can give you the skills to help you to increase confidence levels for optimum performance, work to your strengths and challenge interference that can get in the way. I have been working in this field for about 20 years now and see how powerful this work can be. I have written a workshop too in this area so if you would like to enhance your skills in a small group environment check out for what's on offer. I can tailor it to your/your business needs too. If you are interested in personal coaching I offer a free 20 mins phone consultation so don't hesitate to give me a call on 07811 740580. I also offer this as a workshop online, in my coaching rooms or your place of work. If you wish to have a chat about a corporate rate for your business or to find out more please phone on 07811 740580 or email me at

Look forward to seeing you!

Thanks for reading!

Sarah, Mariposa Coaching & Training

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