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How wellbeing links to staff retention

I have taken on a Director role for marketing and PR for my partner's company Sparkle Restore alongside my performance and wellbeing coaching work as Mariposa Coaching. In his company it is important to retain staff in order to keep up with demand for services, maintain quality of the product and develop a skilled workforce.

Today I reflected on how linking up with a massage therapist might be beneficial for my partner's employees. Their work is very active and physical. I have organised regular massage for Sparkle Restore employees at a reduced rate as a company benefit using a really amazing local masseuse Calma Balance. The response from one employee was literally 'whohoo!' with a few excited party popping emojis.

So what does this mean for retaining staff?

Small perks in the area of wellbeing may seem insignificant to an employer but they have big impact. They say we care about you, we are interested in helping you to better manage your life and your wellbeing. This means an employee will feel valued and it is more likely that they will stick around.

I have run worklife balance, stress management and communication skills workshops and talks for companies as a coach and trainer. I also provide coaching to staff in how to enhance their leadership skills, improve their communication skills and understand the needs of their team members in order for them to feel valued in the workplace. Outcomes have included feeling more confident at work, able to manage time and stress levels more effectively and improved relationships and increased productivity of the team. It does not cost a great deal short term but longer term it can have a really big impact. I am really inspired by this work as these companies can see the bigger picture..value your staff to keep your staff.

So here are some questions that might be helpful to ask yourself:

What benefits packages are you offering?

Are you checking out why you are retaining staff as well as why they leave? You may be assuming that they are staying for quite a different reason unless you elicit feedback!

Are you offering incentives to ensure employees feel rewarded?

Do you keep a look out for how you can enhance performance of your staff and consider promotion opportunities from within?

Do you consider how to enhance your team's skills - drawing on individual's strengths and how they complement each other?

Are you encouraging open and honest communication between functions in a way that employees feel safe to express what they are thinking and share ideas?

Do your staff know your mission statement and what is expected of them? Is there opportunity for staff to contribute to the companies mission statement with fresh ideas?

Do you have wellbeing and stress management policies?

Are you offering regular supervision and support?

These are just a few areas I consider to be important for wellbeing and staff retention. I would be interested in hearing from you if there are others that you believe to be of importance.

If you are interested in 1;1 or team coaching, hosting a workshop or talk please don't hesitate to get in touch via my website or

Workshops are available to book on my website or eventbrite they are 2.5 hours long at an affordable rate. If you wish to have a chat about a corporate rate for your business or to find out more please phone on 07811 740580 or email me at Look forward to seeing you!

Thanks for reading!

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