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How to get out of that chasm!

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

chasm picture..resilience

It can feel that cracks can appear in our working lives, maybe you have too much to do, are feeling overwhelmed with competing deadlines or the job has changed considerably since you said yes on the contract?

If not careful you can feel like the cracks are turning into an insurmountable obstacle. Your motivation goes down, you start to perceive what used to be a challenge as a total stressor and work no longer feels like a good place to be.

So back in my caving days (the most scary thing I have ever done) we were told about the three points of contact.

You know about this right?

Keeping three parts in contact at all times so we have a solid, secure base rather than feeling like things are floating away from us.

So the question I ask you is what are your three points of contact to keep you from slipping, to keep you feeling like you can be resilient when the going gets tough? To overcome those cracks so you don't fall down that chasm?

If you need a coach to be one of those points of contact, get in touch :-) If you find that this article has got you thinking and you wish to develop your interpersonal skills in listening or in other areas for your personal professional life please get in touch. I offer a free 20 mins phone consultation. - enhancing performance and wellbeing in professional and personal life

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